Turbo Rush
Age: 5 - Adult

Eleven fun packed inflated obstacles to navigate through before climbing to the top of a 15' slide. Guaranteed to get your heart pumping. 

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Welcome to "The WOW Factor" of Utah.

The Bounce house is a Utah premier interactive entertainment family fun center specializing in wild & wacky blow up inflatable and interactive carnival games.

We offer industry leading customer service and safety, competitive prices, awesome package deals, energetic experienced, screened and drug tested staff. Not to mention our entertainment party/event packages that are bursting with fun and unique activities for kids of all ages.

Why not explore the option of letting us help you plan your party or event that will have your guests gasping, the children ecstatic and your employees and customers begging in anticipation of your next event. Kids are sure to enjoy themselves and stay occupied while the adults have plenty of time to mingle and network with the other guests.

Call our office today and speak with a party professional that would be elated to plan your next inflatable adventure event.

We promise to not only deliver to you the most extreme activities but uncompromising service that sets the standard in the industry. With safety as our primary focus, you can be assured that you will have a good time without the worry of injury.

We look forward to speaking with you. Until then party on.

Carnival Games
Age: All
Want your guests to think they are at the state fair? Come play on our unique carnival games and possible win a prize or two.

Our Games and attractions



Our Games and Attraction​

Age: All

Sugar them up, cool them off, and fill their bellies with tasty treats. Drinks, popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones and nachos will be a great addition to your party or event.

Backyard Playground
Age: 2-6

This fully in-closed playground is ideal for the toddler.  Slides, basketball hoop, obstacles. It has it all

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Climbing Wall
Age: 2-10

Try your skill to climb to the top of the wall and ring the bell. Or just fall back into our deep foam pit. Just like the professionals.

​​Balloon Cage
Age: 2-10

Enter the Balloon Cage and be showered with dancing balloons. Dance, stomp, jump and imanage yourself floating with the balloons.

Age: 4 to Adult

Start with a barrel opening then a climb to a slide, fight through pylons and over barrels to the treacherous netting.

Age: 2 to 16

This interactive features an obstacle course, bounce house, slide and an indoor and outdoor basketball hoop with balls all in one enclosure. A bundle of fun for everyone.​

Age: 3 & Up
Everyone loves a Teddy Bear. While you cannot cuddle with this loveable inflatable, you can run around, jump, do summer salts and just have some good old fashion fun. 

We change our inflatables weekly so your play experence changes all the time

Ages: 8 to Adult

Kids will go ga ga over this slide. It is perfect for larger events that need higher capacity. The thrill is greater and the ride longer for riders of this slide.

Age: 8- Adult

2-4 contestants stand on opposing foam pedestals and try to knock their opponent off their pedestal using an oversized padded jousting pole.

Ages: 4-10

Wearing a harness and clipped to a bungee cord, 2 contestants each race down their individual e lane until the bungee cord says, "That's far enough, get back here!"

The Bounce House